What is DMLCS?

This consultancy service is primarily aimed at facilitating any/all stakeholders in health care either in preparation of compliance in legal benchmarks for their organization or for the vetting of similar preparations already made by the organization or for any related disputes including those between service providers and patients/consumers.

Depending on the need for similar support services, DMLCS can offer customized packages which can be agreed upon after appropriate deliberations. In the event of any organization who is desirous of employing the services of DMLCS for the purpose of vetting their legal preparedness, similar packages can also be offered after appropriate due diligence of the existing formats and preparations of the said organization.

DMLCS can also help individual doctors and other service providers in the healthcare service sector in grievance redressal and in litigations in consumer forums, civil courts, criminal courts, medical councils and other similar regulatory bodies and in tribunals.

Patients seeking any advice on medicolegal matters will also be helped by DMLCS; both the medical and legal aspects of their matter will be dealt with separately or collectively, whichever appropriate.

Similar services will be also offered to individual clinicians in litigations and disputes and here too, both the medical and the legal perspectives will be taken care of. DMLCS retains a specialized strength in formulating the advice on medical matters which are deeply scientific and technical in nature.

Dillons Kidney Foundation

Consulting Services For:

  • Consumer Forum Cases
  • Civil Cases
  • Criminal Cases
  • Medical Council Cases
  • Directorate of Health
  • Regulatory Commission
  • Human Rights Commission
  • Green Tribunal Cases

Statuatory Compliances

  • Licenses
  • IT Returns
  • VAT, GST etc.

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