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What makes WMLM Unique and Relevant?

Dillons Kidney Foundation is a registered organization. It is a charitable trust specializing in educational initiatives; the primary focus being on improving the care of patients with Kidney diseases and renal failure. To this effect, the Foundation organizes educational workshops and events for medical trainees, dialysis care technicians and nurses.Another area of lateral interest of DKF has been Medical Ethics and Laws. After three successful symposia, two national and one international, on Law in Medicine, the Foundation in association with a national Law University (WB NUJS) had launched, an accredited post graduate diploma program on public healthcare and medical laws (PGDPML). The Course has now been running successfully.Based on some of their own field research and studies, members of the Foundation have successfully presented their research in international forums on Medical Law Ethics. Working on this international exposure the Foundation and the Lincoln University College of Malaysia have jointly launched three courses i.e. FMLE, FNLE & WMLM.

While many doctors have successfully completed the PGDPML Course, we have found many other interested doctors were unable to participate because of the time schedule. Keeping in mind the need of busy medical practitioners, a short one week workshop course has now been designed, WMLM (Workshop in Medical Laws and Management) in conjunction with Lincoln University College, Malaysia. The programme will involve contact class sessions on consecutive days of one week and will focus on the essentials of medical laws & ethics, time management and basic principles of hospital management for doctors. The academic credentials will be bestowed by the university.

Course Coordinators

Dr. Krishnendu Mukherjee

Course Director
Fellowship in Nursing Laws and Ethics

Dr. Jayanta Das

Course Director
Fellowship in Nursing Laws and Ethics

Dialysis Access & Peripheral Vascular Surgeon
The WB National University of Juridical Sciences
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