Registration Begins: 1st August 2018, Closes: 25th August 2018.   |   Course Inaugural Date: 2nd September 2018.   |    " Please Note - Before filling the Application Form through Online / Offline Procedures, the enrollee have to fulfill the minimum criteria to get enrolled in the course which are mentioned in the Course Curriculum. "

What makes FNLE Unique and Relevant?

Dillons Kidney Foundation is a registered organization. It is a charitable trust specializing in educational initiatives; the primary focus being on improving the care of patients with Kidney diseases and renal failure. To this effect, the Foundation organizes educational workshops and events for medical trainees, dialysis care technicians and nurses.Another area of lateral interest of DKF has been Medical Ethics and Laws. After three successful symposia, two national and one international, on Law in Medicine, the Foundation in association with a national Law University (WB NUJS) had launched, an accredited post graduate diploma program on public healthcare and medical laws (PGDPML). The Course has now been running successfully.Based on some of their own field research and studies, members of the Foundation have successfully presented their research in international forums on Medical Law & Ethics. Working on this international exposure the Foundation and the Lincoln University College of Malaysia have jointly launched three courses i.e. FMLE, FNLE & WMLM.

In both the international Congress of Clinical Ethics and in our symposium on Law in Medicine in 2017, we have noticed a significant participation by nurses. Nursing is an independent profession and a crucial arm of healthcare delivery system. Ethical aspects include patient autonomy, end of life care issues, abortion and surrogacy etc. There are enormous legal implications too, including ethics and laws of clinical research in nursing. A Course has thus been designed suitable for working nurses ; FNLE (Fellowship in Nursing Laws and Ethics) administered jointly by DKF and Lincoln University College, Malaysia. This is a six months programme based on online educational materials, course text book and some contact classes. The academic credentials will be bestowed by the university.

Course Coordinators

Ms. Shampa Banerjee

Lecturer, Dept. Of Law, Calcutta University.

Prof. Santa Sahoo (Das)

B.Sc(Hons.) Nursing.
M.Sc (Medical and Surgical Nursing).
Diploma in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Nursing
Principal CMRI School of Nursing.

Contact Address

26 Beadon Street, Kolkata - 700006
Phone: +91 98362 16494

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